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Master planning

ZAS provides a creative lead in its approach to master planning and regeneration.

ZAS provides a creative lead in its approach to master planning and regeneration. Our track record is second-to-none; tackling issues of de-industrialization and market stagnation to imaginatively deliver places of enduring quality across the world. We play an active role in promoting sustainable urbanism in developing economies and urbanizing nations.

From downtown districts to corporate headquarters, from urban waterfronts to entirely new cities, from growing university campuses to expanding hospitals, our master plans provide both a vision for future growth and the roadmap to get there. We believe a well-conceived master plan is not a rigid formula for the future, but a flexible framework that can both inspire and guide development.

The Source Sports Club Complex

This unique sports centred mixed use precinct will distinguish “The Source” at Al Ain as a sporting destination that will be talked about throughout the world.

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West Riyadh Development

An extensive green strip was a solution to development limitations around the power lines while promoting walkability.

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Engila Master Plan

Located on the outskirts of Tripoli, this master plan establishes a 25 year development framework that will provide a comprehensive guide
to urban growth in Engila.

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Island G21, the World

Building some of these structures on the water, both in the form of bungalows and mid-rises, provide exclusivity to the units.

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Private: The Pearl Spa & Golf Resort

This exclusive Caribbean resort will be developed on a lush, tropical 70 acre site located on the west coast of mainland St. Vincent.

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Hai Al Arab

Recognises building and construction traditions, while infusing them with modern technologies.

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New Tourist Resort

The site is located at Alnuwaysab, Kuwait.

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Tajoura Gardens Master Planning and Residential Development

Our Vision was to recreate a community that integrates modern functionality and living standards, and maintains its relationship with
the local cultural and the climate of the region.

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Al Othaim City Development

Studies to provide site-specific layout schemes according to the authorities requirements.

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Atlantic ocean Palace Hotel

With its ocean views and 5-star facilities, the Atlantic Hotel Resort and Spa is a true world class destination.

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Riyadh Cliff Residence

In response to the client’s requirement, the overall building form is a balance of maximum residential units and comfortable living.

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7th of April University Sabratha Campus

The concept for this masterplan is based on a compact orthogonal layout, drawing reference from the formality of Roman planning but retaining the journey and landscaped spaces of Hadrian’s Villa.

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University of Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi Gharyan Campus

Creating a campus with a distinctive character with collections of buildings which look and feel embedded into the landscape.

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