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Delivery of high-impact, integrated Information Technology (IT) solutions to provide innovative and productive solutions


TEZ Taxi on-demand platform is a brand new way to interact with your city, where your favorite restaurants are at your fingertips and a personal driver is just a click away. Imagine a city connected by an informational highway where people access their services in real time by just a push of the button.  TEZ has 3 main components:


TEZ Drivers - An intelligent system automatically selects the closest highest-rated driver for you. Passenger safety is the highest priority and rigorous driver selection process speaks to that commitment. Passengers can get full details of a fare in real time.

TEZ Around Me - Find your favorite place or explore your city in a whole new way. The system automatically finds points of interest around you and helps you interact with it. You can get direction, review daily specials or book a table at your favorite restaurant. Also you can use smart search by entering keywords.

TEZ Wallet - Fully secured and integrated payment system makes your life easier. One can choose the type of payment of preference, whether it's specific credit card, bonus card or simply a bank account to complete transactions.

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Inobi is a truly innovative platform for public transportation. We developed proprietary software combined with hardware components to create unique experience for residents and guests, as well as provide useful tools and crucial data for transportation authorities to deliver more efficient public service.

Each transportation unit is equipped with Inobi Box, which consists of single-board computer, GPS-module, WIFI router and 4G modem. It allows us not only to monitor movement of transport in real time, but also provides free high speed internet to commuters.

Inobi App is available for both Android and IOS and allows you to access and plan your routes, check out ETA time of your transport, see your next bus stop information and gives you notifications when your favorite transport is approaching your location.

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