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This 5* boutique style hotel features destination venue restaurants “Curry Tavern” and “Bistro”, meeting and conference facilities, with a design approach reflecting a new style of “home from home”.

This 5* boutique style hotel features internal and external courtyards, destination venue restaurants – Curry Tavern and Bistro –, meeting and conference facilities. The design approach reflects a new style of “home from home”.

The main feature is the entrance courtyard leading to the reception and lobby lounge. When entering the hotel the guest shall feel welcome in an elegant and peaceful atmosphere. 25 screens to the left and right allow glimpses into the curry tavern and the bistro.


Home from home is taken on also for the guest room design. Spacious rooms with an intrigued design feature comfortable lounge areas. Light colors suite the hot climate of Jeddah and give a fresh feel. Patterned bronze mirror elements are interpreted masharabiya themes and appear throughout the building and guestrooms invariances.


A contemporary interpretation of Indian colors and themes characterize the Curry Tavern. An idea is a place where curries are served for lunch in the bright daylight. In the evening space turns into a specialty dining with an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. Materials and colors are taken from the rich Indian culture as shape. Bespoke booth seatings, light elements, and a tandoori oven add to the exotic experience.


Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the bistro is the place to enjoy a meal in a light-flooded atmosphere. Bespoke chandeliers in the double volume space give it a comfortable proportion and provide a cozy evening atmosphere. Typical elements from the French bistro themes are translated into a modern concept.


Confidential / Movenpick / Accor Hospitality


163 guest rooms and suites
Curry Tavern Restaurant
Bistro Restaurant
Reception and Lobby Lounge

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Kieferle & Partner GmbH.