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Project Management

We offer bespoke Management services to facilitate the efficient delivery of projects by developing people, processes, and tools that enhance partnerships, transparency, and accountability.

We offer bespoke Management services to clients in both public and private sectors in the GCC & MENA region. Our experienced professionals have managed all phases of the construction process from feasibility and pre-design through completion, including cost and budget controls, scheduling, estimating, expediting, inspection, contract administration and management of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Our experience gives us a unique understanding of what can go wrong on a project. We use this knowledge to identify potential trouble spots on a project before problems develop and to recommend or initiate preventive action through strategic planning and project controls. We offer our clients a host of construction dispute resolution services, enabling them to complete construction on time and within budget, while minimizing claims and other problems. We have provided consulting services for both public and private clients, on some of the most complex and technically innovative projects throughout the world.

Bishkek Iconic

Bishkek icon is the most prestigious new developments under development in Kyrgyzstan.

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University of Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi Gharyan Campus

Creating a campus with a distinctive character with collections of buildings which look and feel embedded into the landscape.

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Al Obeikan Hilton Riyadh

Al Obeikan Tower, New addition to the increasingly dramatic built skyline of Riyadh.

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