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Mawarid Tower

A unique formal style distinguishes and individualizes this building.

The skin is similar to a veil which is intended to cover some part of the head or face, or an object of some significance. The building veil, the primary visual feature slowly curves in a helical movement, both protects the building by marking the front of street as well as welcomes us by its inviting view.

A unique formal style distinguishes and individualizes this building, nevertheless, the coherence and balance of the whole is maintained by the homogenous treatment of the façade and main body. The façade comprises a double glazed inner skin on each face of the building and a second skin with vertical elements as shading device. The second skin-shading device which slowly curves in a helical movement surrounds the entire building , from the ground floor to the roof level.

A ventilated double skin façade will considerably reduce heat gain, block strong sun and increase comfort levels close to the facade while permitting the maximum natural day light. Internally, blinds and operable windows allow additional passive control over the working environment. The same elements have varied opacities to create variation across the façade, with the opportunity to create large super graphic imagery across the faces of the buildings by projecting different content. With this treatment facade becomes a living, responsive membrane, which refers to the activity of the Mawarid itself.


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